2MP better than Nothing!

Ok, this older page is doesn’t valid anymore. why? because i already change my phone. my new cell phone have 2 Mega Pixel camera. but i don’t delete the older page, if you want to see you check on the bottom of this post, below the mark line.

this cell phone create more clean picture. but, there are a lot weakness like blur. small movements on your hand, even sometimes i didn’t recognize that.

and i loved to user Pixlr-o-Matic to edit the picture. why? because my photo doesn’t looked like create by a cheap cell phone. LOL. and also i use Lightroom to edit and create some custom filter.

some picture i post on my tumblr: http://antaresbugi.tumblr.com/

without any high definition camera, SLR, or xx Mega Pixel Phone Cam. i still love the pictures that i’ve got from my phone cam. yeah, it just VGA camera on my Sony Ericsson K320i and i have nothing skill about photography. without any experience about photography, i try to take any picture that i’ve found on my way. blured pictures, dark pictures, or anything that bother you to see the picture, is common. maybe, you need more judiciousness to accept any picture on this page. :p

some picture have a comment from me, you need to hover you pointer at the picture and wait a sec to see the comment.



from this point, i’ve been uploaded any file from wordpress web, not from software (i use Windows Live Writer). i don’t know how to edit posted blog from writer, so this is my fault. hmm maybe this is also windows fault. lol

Premier 2.0 bersama monas oh lord, please bring me to heaven


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